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The value and benefits received from membership in HTI are investments for you and your company.  Institute member executives are leaders striving to add to their knowledge and understanding of the industry and the organizations they manage. Major benefits include:

  • Access to market and industry trend information
  • The exchange of ideas and information among industry peers
  • Contact with your business partners within the industry
  • Opportunities to promote your business to other parts of the world
  • Assistance in implementing lean manufacturing principles
  • Member participation in technical and safety standards development
  • Regular updates on important regulatory changes to ensure compliance

HTI provides extensive industry specific information at meetings and seminars. The opportunity to discuss industry problems with industry peers is one of the primary benefits of membership.

HTI holds two general membership meetings each year. These forums feature presentations on the macro economic outlook, the outlook for domestic and international markets, on marketing and management issues, and legal, legislative and regulatory affairs.

There are several committees within HTI that address issues pertaining to lean manufactuing, regulartory compliance, product standardization and safety. Members receive regular updates on these activities.

Under HTI's "Lean on Me" program, members meet 2-3 times per year, usuallly at a member' faciltity, to work together in creating production and business systems utilizing lean manufacturing principles.

HTI seeks to identify opportunities for its members to compete in world markets. HTI representatives meet regularly with their European counterparts to identify areas of mutual benefit and concern. HTI seeks to help its members better understand other international markets.

HTI is actively involved and cooperates with the American National Standards Institute, the International Standards Organization, the National Safety Council, and other national and international standards organizations.  HTI develops and maintains American National Standards and is well represented at international standards meetings. HTI members are active participants in the writing of Standards.

The award winning HTI Safety Education Program develops and distributes videos, booklets, wall charts and other safety materials and promotes hand tool safety through social media. HTI members are actively involved in developing safety rules.