The Hand Tools Institute (HTI) is the trade association of North American manufacturers of non-powered hand tools and tool boxes. The objectives of the Institute are to promote and further the interests of its members relative to manufacturing, safety, standardization, international trade and government relations.

The Institute prepares and disseminates educational materials, conducts statistical and market surveys, identifies legal, legislative, regulatory and economic trends affecting the industry. HTI actively promotes cooperation with other associations, the American National Standards Institute, the National Safety Council and government agencies. An important objective of the Institute is to educate the hand tool user on the safe and proper use of hand tools

Reshoring Initiative

Bringing Manufacturing Back Home

The mission of the Reshoring Initiative is to bring good, well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States by assisting companies to more accurately assess their total cost of offshoring, and shift collective thinking from ‘offshoring is cheaper’ to ‘local reduces the total cost of ownership.’

To offshore or reshore?  How to objectively decide...

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